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Footij is the brand new app for youth grassroots footballers.

Players - upload your clips and show the world your skills.

Coaches/Academies - showcase your squads and share your expertise.

Scouts/Agents - discover tomorrows superstars, today.

Footij is for everyone who loves football

We’ve created Footij for everyone with a passion for football. Whether you’re a player, fan, coach, scout or agent, Footij is made for you.

We’ve got your clubs covered

When you create an account you get to choose which clubs you play for (if you’e a player). You can also specify which team you support.

Upload and tag

When you upload a clip to Footij, you can tag the video according to the match type and age group. You can also tag the clip according to the skills shown.

Watch, enjoy and rate

With Footij you can search for clips by age, clip type and many other ways. You can also mark other users, pass clips to social media and rate the Skillij of the player.

Show off your Skillij

Every time someone rates a video, the player featured gets points for their Skillij score. Players can be rated on finishing, passing, tackling, flair and saving.

Footij is


We have created Footij to allow players, parents, friends and coaches to upload and share football videos and pictures on a safe platform. We are fully compliant with kids media regulations and have leading experts in these regulations on our team as advisors. We do not allow commenting on uploaded content, audio and geo-data is automatically removed, messaging is not allowed and all content is manually reviewed. Here is our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

The worlds' first ever peer-rated system to rank youth grassroots footballer's

Every time someone watches a video they can rate it. These ratings build a players Skillij Score.

Players can be rated on Finishing, Passing, Flair, Tackling and Saving. Plus we have tags to precisely explain the clips. Did you score a 30-yard topbins free-kick? Nice! Tag it!

Skillij Image

Players and Freestylers

Ballers aged 13 and older can create their own Footij accounts. Mini-ballers under 13 will need a parent, guardian, friend or relative to create and manage their account. We're also launching Skillij Scores so users can get points for skills and great footballing ability.

Teams, Coaches and Managers

Footij is perfect for grassroot teams aged u8 and above to upload and share videos and pics. Make them public to showcase great players and teamwork or create a private group to manage who can view the content and store all your clips in one easy to manage locker.

Scouts and Academies

Soon we’ll allow users to make their uploads ‘scoutable’, meaning it can be accessed by academies and football scouts. Professional academies are always looking for ‘ tomorrow's football superstars today’ and with the Footij app we’ll be streamlining the recruitment process.

Professional Clubs

With an ever-growing commitment to grassroots football and community development, Footij is the perfect partner to professional clubs seeking to expand their fanbases globally and forge greater ties to the youth footballing ecosystem.

Football Brands

We’re working with a wide range of football-related product brands and companies to celebrate and promote kids and youth grassroots football across the world. In the form of football-based competitions and promotions, we natively align our users to football brands.

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